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Curriculum Goals

EYFS Curriculum Goals
Our curriculum goals are where we want our children to be by the end of FS1 and FS2. Each curriculum goal in the prime and specific areas of learning are broken down into milestones to support staff in facilitating learning to meet the end goals and in making accurate judgements at assessment points (baseline, autumn, spring & summer). We have used the non-statutory guidance from Development Matters to support us in designing our curriculum goals.

FS1 curriculum goals have been developed to ensure that children have a smooth transition to school and have the communication and language, PSED and physical skills needed for the next stage in their learning.  Children arrive in FS1 at different points in the year. For mid-year arrivals, the curriculum is modified to meet their needs (e.g. focusing on simpler books and rhymes in the early weeks). Where children move on quickly, our emphasis is on deepening their learning rather than introducing new concepts.

Children’s development at the end of FS2 is assessed using the early learning goals (ELGs) as set out in the Statutory Framework for the Early Years Foundation Stage (2021). Our curriculum goals for FS2 have been developed to include the ELGs and additional learning that we believe is crucial for ensuring that children are ready for the next phase of their education.  


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