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Transition in EYFS

Transition into Nursery (FS1)

Children are able to start nursery the term after their 3rd birthday. We have intakes in September, January and after Easter.
After being offered a place in nursery, parents/carers and their children are invited to a welcome session. This session is not during regular nursery hours to allow children to become familiar with their surroundings when the setting is not as busy. Our starting nursery booklet is shared with parents/carers whilst the children have the opportunity to play with each other and with adults who work in nursery.
In order to give appropriate individual attention, new starters are spread out over a period of time. This period of time varies dependent on the needs of the children both new and within the existing cohort. Advice is given about strategies to build confidence and ease transition where necessary.
If a child has previously attended another setting, the nursery teacher will contact the previous setting and there will be a transfer of written records and assessments.
Whilst in EYFS
we place a particular focus on improving the understanding and use of language, building basic independence and social skills and developing physical skills in order to support children with transition. Meetings with parents are used to share progress, plan for future needs and discuss school readiness.

Transition into School (FS2)
Children are able to start school the September after their 4th birthday. Admission to school is done through the Local Authority and a place at the school nursery does not guarantee a place in school.
Children who attend our nursery have regular opportunities to visit the main school building, use the school grounds and see members of school staff. FS1 and FS2 do singing together weekly so that the children become familiar with other adults. Planning is done across EYFS to ensure continuity of environment, expectations and curriculum content.
After being offered a place at school, parents/carers will be invited into school in June for a welcome meeting to meet staff, have a tour of the setting and receive essential information for their child starting school. The FS2 teacher will make visits to children in their current settings, where possible, to introduce themselves to the children and speak to staff about them. Children are then invited a week of transition mornings and have the opportunity to have a trial school lunch on the final day of the transition week. Before starting school, written records and assessments are transferred to the FS2 teacher from other settings, including our own nursery.
At the beginning of term, children are welcomed into their new class at the same time as the rest of the children in school return. Any difficulties with transition will be discussed with parents on an individual basis.