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EYFS Intent
We build upon the foundations and skills of each individual child on entry to foundation stage and strive to ensure that all children make good progress regardless of starting points and needs.  We want our children to become competent, happy learners and to move to school/KS1 with the skills, knowledge and understanding that will enable them to thrive. 
We plan to deliver a broad and balanced curriculum, based on the seven areas of learning. Within FS1, we place a particular focus on the prime areas of learning. These are the areas in which children often arrive to us with gaps in their skills and knowledge. We place a particular focus on developing children’s ability to communicate effectively through improving their understanding and use of language, developing social skills to allow them to interact positively, building independence and developing physical and self-care skills. We believe that once these foundations of learning are embedded then other areas can be further developed on.

We place a particular focus on early reading across Early Years. We foster a love of books and place an importance on reading through all aspects of our teaching. We use a systematic approach to teaching phonics and early reading skills to ensure that children learn to read accurately and are ready for the next phase of school life. By the end of Foundation Stage, the majority of children are developing confidence in reading and are starting to develop some fluency.