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If you would like your child to attend our school, please see full details of our admission arrangements below. 


The school is a fully inclusive community primary school for children aged 3-11. The standard admission number is 26 for nursery and 30 for every other year group.


The Authority’s admissions booklet, will be distributed from school to those who have registered their child’s name, or copies can be collected from the Education Office. The authorities full guidelines for admission to school can be found by clicking the link below.


BMBC have made the process of applying for a primary school place even more convenient for parents and carers by introducing online admissions ( Applying for a school place online is a quick safe and efficient way of making your application and the process offers many benefits to parents and carers which are outlined in the admissions booklet. You can also access other useful websites which give further information about schools you want to apply for via a link from We strongly recommend that you apply online however a paper application form is available from the Admissions Section on request.

Parents are welcome to make an appointment to visit the school prior to making an application for children who will be starting reception class in September. It is necessary to apply for main stream school by mid-January prior to the year on entry.


If there are more applications than places available in school, the following criteria will determine which children are eligible for admission.


Children who have a statement of special educational needs which names the school are required to be admitted.


1        Children in public care;

2        Children with brothers and/or sisters attending the school on the proposed date of admission;

3        Children living nearest the school, the distance to be measured by a straight line between the child’s ordinary place of residence and the main entrance to the school building.


When the school is full applications may be refused, although it should be stressed that in such cases parents do have the right of appeal via the Education Committee to an Independent Appeals Tribunal.  In the absence of an appeal, parents will be expected to approach another school with an admission request.


All decisions regarding the admission of children to the school rest with the Local Authority.


If you are new to the area please telephone or call in to make an appointment to look round the school. We welcome visitors and enjoy showing what we do.


Admission Arrangements for Nursery


Parents who wish their child to be considered for a Nursery place are requested to apply for a place via the admission page at Barnsley Council and not via the school.  


Attendance at the Nursery is not compulsory but advisable.


If you accept a place arrangements are made for you to visit with your child prior to the child starting. 


We only offer a morning place nursery.


8.40am to 11.40am


Please note that regulations state that a parent or adult must bring and collect your child from the Nursery.