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Core Books, Songs and Rhymes

Core books, songs & rhymes              
At Keresforth Primary School we have chosen ‘core books’ which we want our children to know well enough to be able to re-tell them confidently by the end of FS1 and FS2. These books are the type of books that can be re-visited again and again on different levels to support language development.


We have chosen fun, repetitive books, which are easy for the children to join in with, so that the experience of reading is fun and interactive. Our list of core books have come from the children’s favourite books and interests, vocabulary needs and staff favourites. The books are based on different themes to develop the children’s understanding and use of different vocabulary.

We also have ‘core songs and rhymes’ which support language development as well as self-confidence. The children will be familiar with each core song and rhyme and will be able to recite/perform some of them independently by the end of FS1 and FS2.